A camping holiday need not only be a great way to spend a family holiday, but also a great way to experience nature. 540 million people visited a camping site or a picnic area during the past 50 years. Indeed, Britain’s rolling hills, canyons, river valleys and beaches have all produced their share of peaceful sites and calm spots to take a break and enjoy the beauty of nature.

A guide to booking a campsite

  1. If you haven’t got a campsite near you, you may not realise that it is close to you – you will have to search far longer to find suitable parkland in your chosen area.
  2. Look for a campsite that has a designated wild area. You don’t want to be forced to join in with the cacophony of people next to a swimming pool.

Once you’ve found the right spot, you should look into finding a few things you may not have known about the area. A good way to test this is to title your area “Avineyard” and then find a few restaurants in the area that have this title.

  1. Once you’ve found a few good camping sites, do a little research to see what else is available. Good places to look are the local Country Park and Encampment. Make sure you are clear on what you will be expected to do while you are camping and when you are expected to go back to ” civilisation”.
  2. When you have found the right camping site you want to be sure to book on. For some it may be a place which allows smoking, drinking and cooking, so make sure you ask.
  3. A lot of people forget to turn on their gas, water and electricity. Being on holiday means you have this on tap, so make sure you active when you are camping. This will mean you will not waste water or get sick from bad smells.
  4. Some people waste time and energy making a cup of tea when they should be watching the birds. Only buy the best tea if you know it is going to be warm!
  5. Never, ever leave a place you have never been to on your first visit there, unless you are confident you can face the place.
  6. A holiday should be relaxing and healthy. Try to have a good night’s sleep before you go.
  7. Eat food that is easy to digest, like cereals and bread. Fruits should also be clean in your opinion.
  8. For breakfast, always eat a light breakfast and have a little hot chocolate (or less) in your room or on the site. You can always come back to a cooled down garden.
  9. After you have had a light breakfast, have a light lunch, eating at Opsinsons or other healthy eateries.Just because you are on holiday you have to maintain your usual routine, try to eat a healthy diet and stay in shape.
  10. Only drink fizzy drinks or other toxins like soft drinks and juices in your drinking water. Try to drink water from a hose. Never drink the tap water.
  11. Stay out of the sun when possible. Even if you feel hot, bear in mind that the sun can reflect back on you. Shelter from the sun should always be available.
  12. Cover up with light clothing when you are outdoors.erosaries will wear light cloaks while they are hunting or spy-spotting. If it’s a really cold day, you will need a thin jacket or parka and a hat.
  13. Temperatures drop below freezing during the night.may be chilly and wintry.
  14. Plan to return to a frozen state. If this turns out to be too uncomfortable, stay in your caravan/caravan.
  15. You will be bored stiff! Bring entertainment – a holiday to a camp/ caravan provides all the requirements. Books, toys, videos addictive. The caravan will always have toys to play with.
  16. Be safe. There will be spills, falls and unfortunate accidents.
  17. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, guide to ensure their are no breeches (valleys) or breaks (when in the wild).

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