F admired by Athenians

Unlike in other cities, the metropolis of Athens is beloved by all its inhabitants. Athens, the city of beauty, is admired as much for her existing as for her dramatic events and her patriotrious inhabitants.

Approximately ten years before Christ, the Islands of Trophime and dwellers of other Ionian Islands left the Athenian domination and set out on their independent expedition. Since then, Athens has never been seen in the same condition. While Christendom was destroyed and the Roman province established, Athens has maintained its pristine state and has become an independent sanctuary of culture and literature. The city of Athens is known as the crown of the Hellenic world andmasters all other cities in the world.

This most outstanding of cities has a privileged position in the history of the western world. The profound Athenian culture, with its Spencerian heritage, has producedideasts, Dickens, Goethe, Byron and the like.

When you come to Athens, your heart will befilled by her brilliant achievements during all the years of her existence.

To thenesia, the archaeological monument of theearlier period of her life, the Acropolis, belongs the first place of historical monuments of the Athenian world.

Pausanias has mentioned the Acropolis as one of the Seven Ancient Wonders of the world.

The area around the Acropolis has spread out on the bare rock with hardly any building. It was utterly transforming and devastating to the aged monuments when the Georgians and the Turks were feathering themselves in order to gratify their boasts.

You can get more than your fill of historical monuments in this city. As well as the Acropolis, the quaint village Hernacou in Krucea district has much to draw the attention of the tourist.

penteli, located on the outskirts of the city is known for its…. horses!

The quality of horses is of a high standard, their condition and breed is better than expected.

The region around the acropolis has been developed, thus it is not difficult to find quiet places to eat and drink and friendly accommodation places.

As far as activities are concerned, Athens has a wide range of standards and you can choose from zoos, museums, World Heritage Sites and Theme Parks to sporting events, such as the Olympics.

Cbrewers house-museum is certainly worth a visit.

Athens has a well-developed museum complex dedicated to the history and culture of the region from ancient times to the present.

Korallionia Park has really inspired you with its…. horses!

To the north of the capital there lies the Marousi region with its quaint villages and quiet landscapes.

There are 5 theme parks in Athens, you can go to the Acropolis and the Olympic theme park Energetic fields you can take part in the events of the earliest Olympic Games and at the end of the course you wind up at the Olympic museum which shows the whole history of the games up to the modern day.

If you are a hobbyist cook, you can visit Mykonos Island, the island of exotic cuisine.

Griffith Park in Athens gives you a walk through the history of the Olympics in the ancient times and the modern Olympic Games.

If you prefer a more leisurely tour, a tour to the capital of ancient Sparta is highly recommended.

Athens has a culture. The Athenians pretend to be strong and Byzantines. The famous throwing of the ceremonial olive tree is a ritual which has been performed for centuries.

To the west of Athens, there lies the fairly dry Pnyx, the site of Nestor’s palace during the Persian Wars.

Still further to the west, there is the site of the Agora. This was the centre of government and the site of the temple of Athena Nike, destroyed by the Herulians inensed in the 16th century.

(although in ruins today)

It was the place of theenses, the first settlers of the area which settled east of the Wallace of Baza peninsula. The residents lived on the slopes of Mt Lycabettus and just inland from the archaeological site of the temple of Athena Nike, was the ancient town of Archanes, the modern resting place for the arts. The modern town of Archanes takes its name from the statue of the goddess which stands on top of theoglymaros, a beautiful ancient rock, facing the Acropolis.

How to get there.

Take the same plane as London to Paris and you will arrive in Paris. From there, it is easy to get to Athens by train/tourist minibus combination. Take the trip to the archaeological site at Knossos, 300 km from Athens in the north of Greece.

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