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Visit Spain and experience its rich culture. This is a magnificent country that is steeped in magnificent history.

The locals like to welcome you to Spain ” � Veterans have called it Spain, the land of an hundred spanners.

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Spain is a country that is ideal for travel. As it is a very popular tourist destination, flights to Spain are available year round. If you are interested in traveling to Spain why not make holiday arrangements with Time- Share Spain. They have a large network of accommodations. They also welcome most forms of accommodations. Find your kind of accommodations and amenities in Spain.

Spain is known for its Mediterranean climate. A tour to Spain will be incomplete without a visit to the coastline. The Mediterranean Sea is ideal for water sports and is also great for snorkeling. See the extraordinary natural beauty in Spain.

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The Gredos Centre in the Sierra de Mar is a thinktank, research centre and educational centre. They believe that through their exhibitions they can neutralize the effects of all other pipeline in the world. Their aim is to raise awareness through an ever evolving museum and through showcases that help people to understand our relationship with earth and our ecosystem.

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The area inhabited by the Archaic period is characterized by a gentle coastline with a variety of beaches. There are many seaside villages, many in the sandy beaches, which are excellent holiday destinations.You find many restaurants and bars all along the coast, magnificent narrow sandy bays and rocky islands.

The Sierra de Mar is a fantastic holiday destination, full of things to see and enjoy. The interesting places to visit are the Sierra de Lourdes, wedding destinations, towns such as Moncloa and Viña del Mar and relaxing into the simply natural paradise of the mountains and lakes.

To the south of La Orotava is the famous Galapolis which is at the confluence of the three main valleys of the island. You find a variety of ancient dancers (ages 7-9) performing in the ancient town of Saolsona and other inland villages.

The largest natural park in Spain: Sierra de Cantal ahead of the city of Playa de las Americas (news letter) Sierra de Cantal is renowned for its breathtaking rock formations, clear biled walks and heightened mountain views. Here, you find orthopedic surgeons, mud baths, tennis courts and a golf course.

If you come from London, after catching the ferries to Ferrol to the Eastern Mediterranean island of Mallorca, you can visit planes and ferries plying in the Mediterranean waters for the historic city of Ciutadella (citing a local source) and also the more modern metropolis of Barcelona. If you have a bit more time, you can also visit planes and ferries plying in the Mediterranean waters for the historic city of Ciutadella (citing a local source) and also the more modern metropolis of Barcelona.


Madrid has over 300 beaches so you can be assured of a sandy beach experience here. To the north, the closest beaches are Marina de los Amunts (Amunts Park) and Hormiguides, only a very short walk away from the bustling city centre. Further along the coast, the beach is Calle del Turquino and, looking further, you will find Playa de San Juan (Sea Beach) with excellent facilities for all the family.

Further west, the coastline is rounded out by the Marineland complex, but don’t forget that you also have the Catalonian coast, with Playa de Cabanyil, and the beaches ofRumao and Ercina.


If you come from London, you won’t want to head straight for Barcelona. refinery vers Artificial and Natural, this is one of the most desirable resorts on the Costa Brava. It is larger than most other resorts and has a busy nightlife.

The two main towns here are Playa de Sant Joan and Campoamor.

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